LED office lighting uses less power

Traditional old fashioned fluorescent tubes use up to 70% more power than modern LED office lights. Most offices get insufficient natural light so generally need to have their lights running throughout the day, which further increases the cost of running inefficient lights. By updating your office lights you therefore stand to make significant savings on your energy bills each month.

LED office lights need replacing less often

One of the major attractions of LED lights is their life-span of at least 5 years, which far exceeds that of other bulbs. The longer life span means you greatly cut down on the cost of purchasing replacement bulbs, as well as eradicating the cost and inconvenience of maintaining traditional light fittings. With LED lighting you can simply install and forget.

LED lighting creates a positive working environment

Many workplaces are poorly lit, and as traditional fittings age and poor maintenance take its toll, the likelihood is that the environment is not sufficiently lit. Poor lighting causes fatigue, errors and even accidents. A properly designed LED lighting scheme by Legend LED Lighting technicians will ensure that your entire space is illuminated to the correct level for the task on hand, ensuring much improved performance and efficiency.

LED lights are safer

The reason why LED office lights are so efficient is that they emit very little heat; almost all the energy that they use is turned into light. Even when run for a full day or more, an LED bulb will be cool to the touch. One of the other lesser known safety advantages of LED lights is their composition. Unlike fluorescents tubes, they don't contain mercury, which is known to be both unsafe and environmentally hazardous. Also, LED Lights are ‘instant on’ and are flicker free ensuring a safer, more comfortable environment.

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