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LED Factory Lighting

Improvements in factory lighting are among the unsung success stories of new LED lighting technology. Gone are the dark, gloomy, miserable factories of the industrial revolution. The modern product floor is a safe and bright space, illuminated by LED factory lighting.

LED lighting technology, whether deployed in a factory or an office, has a few distinct advantages over other types of lighting. LED lighting is much more energy efficient, consumes less power for the same (or higher) lumen output, and can save your company money. They are considerably more reliable that old fashioned lights, require less maintenance, and produce a better quality light.

Benefits of LED Factory Lighting

In a factory environment, the quality of the light produced is as important as the potential energy savings. Superior beam uniformity results in a safer worker environment in factories where shadowy areas would otherwise be hard to avoid. Mistakes (both those which have the potential to result in injury and those which result in material losses) can be reduced with effective lighting design.

Traditionally common complaints among workers performing manual tasks in a factory include eyestrain, fatigue, and heat. The solution to these problems may be lighting: LED factory lighting produces significantly less heat, is easier on the human eye, and has been shown to promote alertness. LED lights don’t waste energy as heat and output light across the whole colour spectrum. The result of this is happier and more productive employees.

Our LED Factory Lighting

We stock a full range of LED factory lighting including bulbs, ballasts, and fittings. We understand that many customers will require bulk orders so we offer discounts for large orders as standard.

Spend £50 or more and enjoy free next day delivery in the UK.

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Factory Lighting

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