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LED Emergency Lights and Emergency LED Panels

Our LED emergency lights and emergency LED panels provide a great value solution to all your emergency lighting needs. For the safety of everyone in the building, and to conform to the relevant building regulations, illuminated exit signs and escape routes are a necessity. According to the legislation exit signs need to be legible at all appropriate times. This often means providing them with some means of additional illumination above that which is provided by the area lighting. Similarly, offices, warehouses and other buildings require emergency lighting that operates even in the event of a loss of power to the main lighting circuit.

Types of LED Emergency Light

Emergency exit signs have been powered by LED lights since the technology was in its infancy. The requirement that the sign is illuminated for long periods of time, along with the need for low energy usage, makes LED lighting the only sensible choice. The same advantages mean that LED lighting is also perfect for emergency area lighting.

LED emergency lights can be either maintained or non-maintained. Maintained emergency lighting systems run continuously, operating from the mains power during standard operation but switching to the backup battery in the event of a power failure. Non-maintained emergency lighting, by comparison, will only turn on when there is a power a failure.

Our Emergency LED Panels and Lights

We stock a wide range of emergency LED panels and other emergency ceiling lights (which are ideal of offices and escape route corridors) and emergency spotlights (that are most suited to warehouses and sports halls). We also sell LED emergency exit signs and conversion packs; all at great prices and with next day delivery.

Find the LED emergency lights you need below. We ship our emergency lights and panels with free next day delivery in the UK for orders over £50.

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