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Office Lighting and LED Office Lights

We stock a wide range of office lighting to suit new build offices, offices looking to convert from dated fluorescent tubes, and those simply looking for replacement LED office lights. Bulk discounts (9% for 10-24 lights or 12% for 25 or more lights) are available as standard so considerable savings can be made when fitting out an entire office. Our office lighting range includes single and twin batten lights, LED spotlights, rectangular tilt lights, LED downlights, and modular fitting lights. Next day delivery in the UK is free for orders over £50, and if you have any questions our staff would be more than happy to help. Browse our LED lights for offices now and place your order today to get your lights as soon as possible.

Why Use LED Office Lighting?

LED office lighting offers many advantages over other lighting technologies. Installing LED lights in your office instead of fluorescent tubes could save you up to 70% on your energy costs, build upon the green credentials of your company, and improve the office environment for you and your employees. Poor office lighting is a common problem and is known to cause eye-strain and tiredness, which can negatively affect both general well-being and productivity in the office. By contrast, LED office lights provide the crisp, bright, and flicker-free illumination that is needed to stimulate a thriving working environment.

The benefits of LED office lighting are well known, and have been for some time. Like many new technologies though, when LED lighting first emerged it was often prohibitively expensive for the vast majority of businesses. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Our office LED lights are not only affordable and competitively priced, but also have a lifespan that far exceeds that of other lighting solutions. Combined with the substantial energy savings, the business case for LED office lightning is hard to ignore.

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Office Lighting