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What is Residential Lighting?

Unlike commercial lighting, residential lights are built to accommodate households. However, some lighting solutions such as led tubes and exterior floodlights do interchange. Residential LED lights are perfectly made for those who intend to reduce their energy cost while still not lose out on quality lighting. The durability of these lights is very impressive with some lights lasting up to 30,000 hours!.


Why use Residential LED lighting

Saves you more money than traditional options by instantly reducing your energy bills. Highly durable and can last you a long time. This also reduced the maintenance cost associated with traditional lighting options. Great quality of light which can be adjusted to your requirements. Due to the small heat output,  Residential LED Lights are much safer than traditional lighting. Furthermore, our great range of dimmable LED downlights can improve the ambience in your home.


What are the different options available?


Exterior Floodlights

Fire Rated Downlight

LED Lamps

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